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Friday, 16 August 2013

How to Optimize Blogger

Search Engine Optimization For Blogger

Author: Full Symbian

SEO For Blogger ? Why you are searching for "SEO For Blogger" ? IS there any difference between Website Seo and Blogger Seo? Yes.. There is a big difference you have to make an extra efforts in Seo if you are using blogger. Change Your Page Title
Do you ever notice that your Post page title looks like this Blog title:Page Title which is not good for blogger seo.Make your common sense that search engines will gives more importance to Page Title: Blog Title rather than  Blog title:Page Title

You can do this Following Steps Go to Layout > Edit HTML, and find this code:


Replace with this following,

<data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageName/>

Meta Tags For Blogger SEO
Meta tags are very important part of Seo.I am providing you code which will boost yourranking in Search engine if you are using Blogger .

Go to Layout > Edit HTML and put this code in section

But remember this is the Description and Keyword not only for homepage but also for all Pages which will not help you because you need Different Description and keywords for your pages related to your post so what to do? Dont worry I have not finished it yet...!
Many Peoples are using there Labels as a keywords.they thought they will improve Blogger SEO with This.They are Foolish.Labels are only for Categories Nothing else but I can Show you how you can you use labels as a meta keywords and Page Title as the description of the particular Page.Just Add this code

Go to Layout > Edit HTML and replace  with this code

<meta name="keywords" content="," />

Heading Tags For Blogger SEO
Heading Tag (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5) is also important for SEO. All of Blogger widgets (gadgets) title use H2 tags. But, Minima Template use H3 tag for post title and many blogger templates use H2 tag for post title. To improve SEO, you need to use H1 tag for post title. For example,find this code,

Replace this With;

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Search Engine Optimization For Blogger
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