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Saturday, 9 November 2013

How To Verify Paypal Account Without any Bank account

Get Verified your Paypal Without any Bank Account

get free credith card without bank account
If you don't have bank account You need Payoneer card.You can apply for payoneer card Here for free with no charges at your home.If you have received your Payoneer Mastercard, then you can link it with your PayPal account to either pay online securely or to verify PayPal account. To link the Payoneer prepaid debit Mastercard with PayPal, first activate it from your Payoneer account if you haven’t done it yet, and then load a few dollars $4-$5 to your card.
You can load the money via bank wire transfer or can transfer the money from PayPal by linking your Payoneer account with it. Once your card has $4 or $5 loaded to it, initiate the linking, as PayPal deducts a small amount for verification. Although ensure that your name on PayPal account and on your card is similar. Before linking the card, check once again and confirm that
[checklist] You have activated your card You have loaded a few dollars to your card ($4-$5) Your name on PayPal account and on the card is same[/checklist] If your card meets above requirements, link it to your PayPal account by completing below steps: Visit your PayPal account In your account dashboard, hover mouse pointer over Profile and then select Update Card option from appeared menu
create account in paypal without bank
In next screen, click the button saying Add a Card
In appeared window, provide your card details and then click Add Card button. Your card will be linked!!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

How to Earn Real Money Online

Earn Real And Easy Money Online

Trying to find a real internet job that will allow you to make money online, can be quite challenging these days. While scamming and fraud are taking over the internet, most people eventually lose hope along with their money.

It was a nice change for us, to be able to work from home, doing legitimate business and actually getting paid for our services.
We created this website to share our experience and provide the right tools for anyone that is interested in how to make money online. The methods that we are going to talk about are simple, guaranteed and of course they require no investment from you except your time & effort.

Remember : There is no such thing as "easy money". You can't get rich in a few days.

But with making the right choices and depending on your commitment & planning you can achieve any goal, from a few extra dollars to a quite respectable monthly income. Sounds good ?

By Clicking though our banners one by one you will find all there is to know about the PTC world ( paid to click ) and how to make money online. If you are not familiar with the concept and want to know more, a good idea would be to start with our PTC Guide. This guide will answer all your questions regarding the basic, but also the more advanced aspects of the best ptc sites and their mechanics.

Furthermore, one of the most vital parts of succeeding in ptc sites, is to choose the right services. There are many active ptc sites at the moment, some are not to be trusted. In our best PTC Sites section you will find our personal selection of 100% trusted ptc sites. Also, you will find all the information you need to know in detail (pay per click, proof of payment, referrals output, upgrades etc.)

Now start and click and create free account below the link banners and just little hard work and get extra cash and reffer your friends.


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Sunday, 1 September 2013

uTorrent Free Full version download

Download Free  uTorrent

free to download utorrent
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BitTorrent (often abbreviated to 'BT') is a protocol that allows you to download files quickly and efficiently. It is a peer to peer protocol, which means you download and upload to other people downloading the same file. BitTorrent is often used for distribution of large files or popular content as it is a cheap, fast, efficient way to distribute files to users like you.
ĀµTorrent is a BitTorrent client, so it speaks the BitTorrent protocol, much like a browser would speak HTTP. Just as there are multiple web browsers, there are multiple BitTorrent clients, and ĀµTorrent is the most popular.

Download HERE        Download LINK 2                                                                             Link Credit to   Free software download                                                                          

Free Download Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes Software Download Free

free apple itunes download
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iTunes is a free app that lets you organize and play digital music and video on your computer. It’s also a store that has everything you need to be entertained. That makes it the perfect place to listen, watch, read, play, explore, and shop.

Friday, 16 August 2013

how to Add Favicon On Blogger

Adding A Favicon On Blogger

Author: Ahamed
Blogger is a very popular free Blogging platform, but each free blogs comes with the same exact default favicon that Blogger is using. You can help set your blog apart by getting your very own unique favicon plus there are a lot of benefits with having your own favicon. This post is in response to menopauseprincess. She asked about Blogger blogs having their own favicon.
Creating or finding your favicon

If want to create your own favicon, you can follow my guide on creating your own favicon. You can also find a free favicon from the 20 free favicon resources I have collected. I’ve used both unique and free favicons, I just try to use a favicon that represents what my website is about or something that is rememberable.
Uploading your favicon

You will need to find an alternative host for your favicon because Blogger does not host custom favicons. A lot of free file hosting services will not host .ico file types, so these are not good options. If you don’t have your own web hosting account, there is a service called myFavatar that will host your favicon for free. Flickr will allow you to host .ico files also, so if you have an account there already that may be a good choice.
Linking to your favicon

You will need to do some updates to your templates in order to get your favicon to show up. This part might get tricky, so if you need any additional help please don’t be afraid to ask. To edit your Blogger templates, after you login go to "Layout" –> "Edit HTML". Now you will need to add the following line of HTML between the start and end tag:

Make sure you update the location of your favicon to the exact web location where you uploaded your favicon. If you do use myFavatar to host your favicon, they will actually provide you with the exact code to paste into your templates.
Testing your new Favicon

Typically when you save your templates and reload you should be able to see the new favicon. But occasionally there may be settings in your browser that may prevent your favicon from showing up, so you may need to reload or clear your cache in order to see it right away.
Comprehensive Guide to Favicons Series

1. 7 Reasons Favicons Increase Your Website Traffic
2. How to Create Your Own Favicon
3. 20 Free Favicon Icon Sets
4. Quick Favicon Tip to Insure its Visibility
5. Adding a Favicon on Blogger
Article Source:
About the Author
Ahamed Razzan (MCP, CCNA, Java Programming)

How to Optimize Blogger

Search Engine Optimization For Blogger

Author: Full Symbian

SEO For Blogger ? Why you are searching for "SEO For Blogger" ? IS there any difference between Website Seo and Blogger Seo? Yes.. There is a big difference you have to make an extra efforts in Seo if you are using blogger. Change Your Page Title
Do you ever notice that your Post page title looks like this Blog title:Page Title which is not good for blogger seo.Make your common sense that search engines will gives more importance to Page Title: Blog Title rather than  Blog title:Page Title

You can do this Following Steps Go to Layout > Edit HTML, and find this code:


Replace with this following,

<data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageName/>

Meta Tags For Blogger SEO
Meta tags are very important part of Seo.I am providing you code which will boost yourranking in Search engine if you are using Blogger .

Go to Layout > Edit HTML and put this code in section

But remember this is the Description and Keyword not only for homepage but also for all Pages which will not help you because you need Different Description and keywords for your pages related to your post so what to do? Dont worry I have not finished it yet...!
Many Peoples are using there Labels as a keywords.they thought they will improve Blogger SEO with This.They are Foolish.Labels are only for Categories Nothing else but I can Show you how you can you use labels as a meta keywords and Page Title as the description of the particular Page.Just Add this code

Go to Layout > Edit HTML and replace  with this code

<meta name="keywords" content="," />

Heading Tags For Blogger SEO
Heading Tag (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5) is also important for SEO. All of Blogger widgets (gadgets) title use H2 tags. But, Minima Template use H3 tag for post title and many blogger templates use H2 tag for post title. To improve SEO, you need to use H1 tag for post title. For example,find this code,

Replace this With;

You like my post then please share this post on DigIf g,Stumbleupon,reddit etc and Dont Forget to add Comments

Search Engine Optimization For Blogger
Article Source:
About the Author - Improve Your website traffic earning SERPs SEO webhosting Computer Internet  Skills

How to Edit Your Watermark Template To Make It More Attractive

Edit Your Watermark Template To Make It More Attractive

Author: Rocky
If you're ruling ways on how to generate your Blogspot blog changed from others, well you're on the genuine blog to read. There are so many limitless Blogger templates in Blogger.Com. The preeminent way to pressurize somebody into your blog unique is to adapt it in your own way. This way, your blog would be changed from all other's blog even though you're using the same theme. This way, your blog will be unique to other blog administrators who wastage limitless Blogger templates to their blog.

This customized version of "watermark" theme which is lone of limitless Blogger templates in Blogger.Com is the following customization in place of this theme. If you haven't tried the main custom "watermark theme" try it at this moment! For this version of the theme, it uses the same font comfort absolutely like in the main customization. The font so as to was used on the main on was the "coming soon" font which is very presentable and good kind of font.

Some of the changes of this version to the main lone are:
  • The background image - as a replacement for of using the default background image on the main option in "watermark" theme, this version used the loops7 image. It looks amazing in this background.
  • The text color or finished all fonts are untouched to white to pressurize somebody into it visible and readable to readers.
For what kind of blogs does this following customized "watermark" theme fit?
  • For fashion blogs - the design of this theme fit blogs with make subject matter. The theme is elegant looking, that's why it would be appropriate to be used in elegant topics like make.
  • Personal blogs - This customized theme would be good to be used in favor of delicate blogs.
  • Blogs with graphic design subject matter - The design of this theme possibly will be used in favor of graphic design blogs.
Those are absolutely advice on which subject matter fits this theme. The cream of the crop is continually up to you. You can try using it nix substance what did you say? Kind of subject matter you assert in your blog. There's nix ruling on manipulative your blog. If you lack to modification whatever thing on this customized theme you're limitless to achieve so.

Font Colors and Design

Obviously, the font comfort used in place of this blog is the "coming soon" comfort which made this theme changed to other limitless Blogger templates. For the blog title and account, the font flag are untouched to white. For the body and doodad font, the flag are too white. Using the default color of the "watermark" theme would pressurize somebody into it inflexible in place of your readers to read the font.
For the body situation background, the color is transparent which gives the design the aero effect which is lone of the as a rule amazing themes in Windows 7 pc.
There are so many limitless Blogger templates more accessible in place of you to wastage. This customized "watermark" theme is absolutely lone of them. Feel limitless to try these limitless Blogger templates in place of your blog and pressurize somebody into the preeminent on show of it. Your blog will be more exciting if you absolutely design it with love.

How to use this following customized "watermark" theme

First, you need to achieve the procedure on using the main customized "watermark" theme. Then achieve the changes declared higher than using the guide designer. Go to the advance option in changing the font color of your blog. Go to the background section of the guide designer to modification the background image to loops7. Then nearby you assert the following version of "watermark" theme.

This following version of the "watermark" theme is absolutely lone of the wonderful limitless Blogger templates so as to you can wastage in place of your limitless Blogspot blog in Blogger.Com.
Article Source:
About the Author
Kee is a blogger that blogs about blogging using a free Google Blogger blog in Blogspot Mastery. The topics discussed on his blog is more on improving, designing and building traffic in it.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Top 10 Best File Hosting & Sharing Sites To Generate Huge Income

Top 10 Best File Hosting & Sharing Sites To Generate Huge Income

There are a lot of ways to generate descent income on Internet.

You can start your own blog/websites, sell your articles, provide services like SEO, do affiliate marketing, email marketing, do vlogging, become a SEO Consultant, editor, reviewer and do a lot of many things to generate happy earning from this virtual world.

In this way, Hosting your Files and Sharing them is one of the popular as well as powerful way. There are many websites available on Internet world where you can upload your files for free, get the public links and share them with world. You will get paid either from PPD (Pay-Per-Download) Program, PPS (Pay-Per-Sale) or by PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or from both.
Here, I am telling you Top 10 Best File Hosting & Sharing Websites which are very popular, trusted and having highest paying scheme. Have a look !

1. DocStoc.COM

Docstoc is one of the best file sharing website which lets you to upload documents of doc, xls, ppt, pdf, rtf, txt, docx, xlsx and ppts format. You can sell your documents to their marketplace and also generate revenue over Ads.

Docstoc’s DocCash facilitates Advertisments Revenue from Google Adsense PPC Program in which docstoc keeps 50% of revenue generated from documents generated from your Adsense Ads which are displaying at your document pages.

2. ShareCash.ORG


earn with upload file
ShareCash is a revolutionary site that lets you upload any type of files, share there public link to download and generate money at very high pay-per-download rate.

The site promises to give you around $1 – $20 for every download. Along with it, you are having support of there helpful community, innovative tools, in-depth reporting along with very flexible payment system.

They supports PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Payquicker, Wire Transfers, and Checks.

3. DepositFiles.COM

earn with file host
DepositFiles is one of the best and secure place to upload any type of files like exe, mp3, mpeg, avi, rar, zip, jpeg, application, games, documents etc. You will get $5.00 by just signing up there. The site pays you $25 per 1000 downloads.

You just need to sign up there for a free hosting account, grab the public link and share them with your friends and customers. You can also earn by inviting friends with your referral links. Then, you will get 20% commission. Minimum payout is $10.

4.  Uploading.COM

Uploading is also a very popular website to host and share your important docs and files. It facilitates you to upload your files directly from your desktop.

You can also get your files whenever needed right from your cell phones.

Along with the faster uploading, it also lets you to monetize your uploads. Uploading.COM can pay you anywhere between $1-$100 depending upon the file’s popularity and size.

At an average, the company pays you $20 per 1000 downloads. You can also become a reseller and can get from 20% to 30% on sales.

5. TurboBit.NET

upload file earn money

Another very popular file hosting website with flexible business model and payment system. Join TurboBit and you can earn up to $20 per 1000 downloads. They even pays you for incomplete downloads.

Copy and distribute files of other users and receive 90% of revenue. If you upload files yourself, you will receive 10% of revenue from each copied file. TurboBit is having a very low payout of  $10 and it can pay you three times a week.

6. FileFactory.COM

 FileFactory is one of the best file to upload files. You will get a storage space of around 500GB+unlimited file bandwidth. You will get direct downloading link, can organize files & folders, and email the public link of large attachment from email.

It pays you around $15 per 1000 downloads and 20% of its membership sales by your referral links. As far as considered, it is the oldest, safest and very popular file hosting company.

7. UploadStation.COM


UploadStation lets you to upload files using Remote Upload, FTP Upload or you can also do mobile upload. After signing up there, you will get 500 GB Free personal storage space where you can upload files of maximum 2GB. There is user-friendly file manager and folder management tool available.

To generate income, you can become reseller there and enjoy commission over there premium sales from you. Once registration has been approved, reseller can get 5 voucher codes, worth UD$49.95 immoderately.

8. HotFile.COM

HotFile is not that same pay per download site but you can still generate handsome amount from it using its affiliate program.

They are having a very unique affiliate program that gives you up to 50% of premium sales to their affiliates.

Also, if somebody registers under you referral link, then you will continue to get 20% commission of his earnings.

9. Uploaded.NET

Uploaded is a very popular website with #171 website rank worldwide. The website is very secure, comfortable and fast to upload files and host them securely. It is having Google App to browse and upload your file directly from your Android device.
The site offers you to earn money by reflink. When you signed up there, you will get your personal reflink (short of referral link). Publicalize it on your blog, share it with your friends and you will earn 75% for the first sale and the 65% onwards.

10. Crocko.COM

Crocko.COM is another file hosting & sharing website that pays generously to its users. The company pays you with a rate of $1 per 500 downloads.

Crocko.COM deletes the dead/inactive files that are older more than 60 days. However, for premium accounts, you can keep 200GB of that type of files at their servers.
The active downloads remains there at server for unlimited time. Also, you can upload unlimited files as there is no limit of storage space or number of files.
So, here at the end of article, I will suggest you to upload your files to 2 or 3 file hosting companies to protect them and also generate  more income from them.